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Glow Run Success!

 Kirsten Parries, 2014 Mount Airy High School graduate, had the idea for a glow run when working on her graduation project. Volunteer work and running for exercise are family values for the Parries family and Kirsten saw the opportunity to join the two to make an impact on her community. The first race brought 150 participants to the course and raised $5,400 for Surry Medical Ministries.
Immediately following the race, Kirsten and her mother Becky, a Jones Intermediate School employee, began thanking donors and brainstorming the next year's race.  With Kirsten going off to college, Becky took the lead on planning and organizing the event with Kirsten helping at every turn she could. The following year the registration count totaled 289 participants.
This year's 3rd Annual Color Your Heart Race saw a 283% increase from the first year in participants with 575 people. The expected donation from this year's event is between $9,000-$10,000. Becky stressed that the vital partnering with local businesses is what truly makes this charity 5K a "Charity." With the community support all registration fees are able to go directly to Surry Medical Ministries. She also noted that Walgreens was a huge contributor and provided gear for race bags and she was excited about new partners, Traxx and Northern Hospital. 
Surry Medical Ministries is operated solely with volunteers and is one of three left in the state to do so. The Parries family believes that when we work together as a family and community, great things happen. 
Be sure to look out for the 2017 race! You can find more information by clicking here.
Great work Parries family!