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Academic, Athletic, and School Events

Sports Are Back!

With great power comes great responsibility.
Our students, staff, parents, and community have eagerly awaited the return of sports and the time has finally arrived! For sports to transition from workouts and practices to competitions, everyone will have to do their part. Utilizing the 3Ws (wear, wait, wash) and staying home when you feel sick will be key to helping students compete in the 2020-2021 school year. 
Fall sports are wrapping up and Winter sports are beginning. The same health and wellness measures being utilized in school will be used in practices and competitions.
Any spectator not following health and wellness measures will be asked to leave the competition. 
Things to Know:
  • Each sport has slightly different circumstances and specific questions from an athlete's family will need to be directed to the coach. 
  • Masks are required of everyone in attendance including the athlete playing on the field/court
  • Waiting/watching 6 feet apart is required of all spectators
  • Pre-sale tickets (2 per player for the home team for inside competitions) for a total of 25 for indoor competitions will be numbered with assigned seats *With Governor’s announcement on 11-10-20, this is subject to change. 
  • Pre-sale tickets (2 per player for home and away teams) for a total of 100 for outdoor competitions will be numbered with assigned seats
  • Spectators will:
    • have temperatures checked
    • have tickets checked
    • be required to wear a mask at all times
    • be required to wait/watch 6 feet apart from others
    • remain seated throughout the competition
  • Exceptions: Cross country and tennis will not have tickets or limit spectators. Swimming will not have tickets. Swimming will limit spectators to 50% of the pool area.