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Our S.T.E.A.M. framework

Mount Airy City Schools believes in the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics, also referred to as STEAM, in order to help our students authentically learn. Learning connections are key for our students as they progress from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our ultimate goal is for every child to graduate and be career and college-ready with skills that allow them to reach their personal goals. 
Where might STEAM be found in our Micro-School design? 
  • Field trips are offered throughout the year to help our students engage with STEAM components. This year we have field trips planned for Kaleideum North, the Greensboro Science Center, The Andy Griffith Playhouse and Dan Nicholas Park. 
  • Place-based learning experiences also allow our micro-school students to gain exposure to STEAM topics. We have hands-on science lessons that engage our students in critical thinking, problem-solving, and inquiry in order to promote higher-order thinking with authentic learning experiences. 
  • Daily lessons being designed and published for students in SeeSaw. Our Micro-School teachers strive to design rigorous lessons that spark students' curiosity, engage them in deep thinking, help them become not only problem solvers but also problem identifiers and allow them to see themselves as designers, creators, inventors, and scientists. 
  • Engagement in the annual Science Fair, where students as young as 3rd grade are exposed to the scientific method and encouraged to pursue their interests while learning more about hands-on science.