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We are full STEAM ahead at BHT!

Science: Properties
Engineering: Structural
In Kindergarten, we will begin the year studying properties.  Students will learn and experiment with color, texture, size, shape, and weight.  We will also discover why some objects float while other objects sink.  We will end our unit exploring solids, liquids, and gases.
First Grade
Science: Forces and Motion
Engineering: Mechanical and Structural Engineering
First Grade students will study force, focusing on pushes and pulls.  We will begin by studying magnetism and then move into Simple Machines.  Students will use LEGO Simple Machine kits to explore levers, pulleys, gears, and wheels.
Second Grade
Science: Earth Systems-Weather
Engineering: Mechanical Engineering
Students will learn about the various factors that affect the weather. We will experiment with wind, temperature, precipitation, and cloud cover.  We will learn about the various tools used to measure and collect weather data. Students will begin an EiE (Engineering is Elementary) kit called, "Catching the Wind: Designing Windmills".  We will learn about Leif, who lives in Denmark, and his discovery of how windmills and wind turbines create renewable energy. Students will then take their findings and build their own windmills.