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Grants- Historical Overview

Mount Airy City Schools believes in the opportunity attain grant funding to help us provide stronger opportunities for our students and staff to lead, innovate and serve. As a small district, we value our partnerships with community-based organizations and local industry in order to support highly innovative approaches to the world of public education. 
Grant Cycle: 2017- 2020 (3 year grant) + 1 year due to COVID= 2021
Funding Source: Federal Grant distributed through United States Department of Education and NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) 
Approximate value: $1.3 million 
Primary Focus of the Grant- Our 21st Century grant was also known as Future Leaders Academy (FLA) across our district. This programming provided our students in Kindergarten through 8th grade daily access to after-school programming within their school. Through great community partnerships we are able to provide our FLA students access to enrichment activities from the Surry Arts Council, the Mount Airy Public Library, the Surry County Health and Nutrition Center and certified fitness trainers. Students also had access to certified teachers for homework help and access to online tools for personalized learning supports. In addition, the 21st grant provides transportation home every evening after FLA. One of the best components to our grant was the ability to provide summer academic and enrichment camps to our K-8 students. We are grateful for our 4 summers of programming, which was phenomenal for both students and teachers because everyone was able to learn and grow together! 
Mount Airy City Schools will be aiming for the 21st Century Community Learning Center again with a tentative timeline of August 2024. If funded, we will reach out to families about upcoming programming opportunities. 
Grant: Math and Problem/Project-based Learning for Student Success (MAPSS)
Grant Cycle: 2015- 2018 (3 year grant) 
Funding Source: Math and Science Partnership- MSP Grant (Federal Grant distributed through United States Department of Education and NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) 
Approximate value: $2 million 
Institute of High Education (IHE) Partners- Wake Forest University and the University of Texas at Dallas 
Other School District Partners- Alamance Burlington School System, Davidson County Schools, Lexington City Schools, Thomasville City Schools, Rockingham County Schools, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, 
Primary Focus of the Grant- The MAPSS MSP grant provided approximately 200 teachers with professional development that allowed them to learn how to facilitate learning in the inquiry-based learning environment, which included implementation of problem/project-based learning cases in the area of math.