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In 2022, the Mount Airy City Schools Educational Foundation was created. This 501c3 was established to allow donors to contribute to the arts programs, dual language immersion programming, and workforce development efforts within the district. In 2023, the Board voted to rename this to the Mount Airy City Schools Foundation and to create an athletic branch within the organization to support student-athletes. Donors are able to visit any First Community Bank location with a check written to "MACS Foundation". Locations can be found by clicking here.

The mission of Mount Airy City Schools Foundation is to promote excellence in teaching and learning and athletic support in Mount Airy through the following:
The raising, allocation, and stewardship of funds to:
  • Provide additional financial support for public education in Mount Airy
  • Enhance the Board of Education's ability to fund projects that promote excellence in teaching and learning
  • Supplement the athletic needs from grades six through twelve
Foundation is a strong advocacy group to:
  • Foster a vision of educational and athletic excellence in Mount Airy
  • Foster a vision of a "Community of Learners" striving for a district-wide culture of excellence
  • Encourage broad-based citizen, business, and government support for educational excellence
  • Strengthen the involvement of both the family and the community in education and athletics
The Mount Airy City Schools Foundation strives to enhance Mount Airy City Schools through three core elements:
  • Ideals-Advancing an environment of academic and athletic excellence in Mount Airy City Schools by maximizing student potential
  • Infrastructure-Supplementing material resources to keep schools competitive in the quest for superior performance in academics and athletics
  • Innovation-Supporting creative programs for students by fostering progressive academic and athletic opportunities

Board of Directors At-Large Directors Ad Hoc: Non-Voting
Chair Kyle Leonard Skip Eckenrod Dr. Sandy George
Vice-Chair Thomas Horton Mary Hauser Becky Parries
Executive Director Dr. Phillip Brown John Kerley Dr. Olivia Sikes
Treasurer Lesa Hensley Darren Lewis Dr. Krystal Tyndall
Secretary Dr. Kim Morrison Lizzie Morrison Carrie Venable
  Christina Plitt  
  Phil Thacker  
  Ellie Webb  

Academic Fundraising
Athletic Fundraising
Chair: Dr. Olivia Sikes Chair: Dr. Sandy George
Lesa Hensley Wes Bowman
Becky Parries Travis Grey
Dr. Krystal Tyndall Nicole Harrison
Carrie Venable Thomas Horton
Ellie Webb Zane Poindexter
  Rodney Rosser