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MACS 2018-2019 Accountability Results

The partnership between staff, parents, and community members continues to positively impact students and the district’s success. Recently released data showed that in most areas of End of Grade(EOG)/End of Course (EOC), WorkKeys, ACT, Advanced Placement (AP), and Career and Technical Education (CTE), Mount Airy City Schools outpaced the state. 61.4% of all students in 3rd-12th grade scored a 3 or higher on EOG/EOCs.

MACS is celebrating a jump in ranking from 54th in the state to 35th in the state for overall achievement, with Mount Airy Middle School in the top 12% and Mount Airy High School among the top 24%. These ranks include all schools; traditional, specialized, and early colleges.

District Successes:

  • MACS was 1st in the state for Math 7th grade

  • MACS was 9th in the state for Math 6th grade

  • MACS was 8th in the state for Reading 7th grade

  • MACS was 4th in the state for English II

  • MACS was 5th in the state for ACT WorkKeys

  • Science 3-8 improved an average of 10%

  • Reading 3-8 is above the state average

  • Graduation rate improved from 88% to 89%

  • 88% of graduates went to a 2 or 4 year college

  • 100% graduation rate for all Career and Technical Education (CTE)


  • 3rd grade Beginning of Grade assessment continued to increase from previous years

  • NC Math III was 71.4%

  • ACT/WorkKeys combined 72%

  • Over 81% of students taking AP courses passed the exam to receive college

    credit. This includes an increase in students taking AP courses.

  • 2019 graduating class of 147 students earned 1.5 million dollars in scholarships

  • Mount Airy High School students attained 241 certificates for workforce development

    Superintendent Dr. Kim Morrison states, “Mount Airy City Schools is again one of the top performing districts in the state and nation. We are excited about the great progress and being in the top ten in many areas. MACS has prided itself on academics and innovation so while academic accountability scores are important our innovative programs are also important. Many of our students are learning two languages,participating in paid internships, taking college classes, participating in the arts and athletics as well as starting their own businesses. We are proud of the academic performance of our students but we are also proud of our students for their hard work, effort, and accomplishments outside of the classroom to prepare for their future. Our students need our support and our encouragement. The staff does a great job nurturing our students to reach their full potential and we are excited about how many of our students grew from last year and are developing into leaders for tomorrow.”

While many scores are above the state average and with the many successes to celebrate, MACS continues to strive to improve. Teams are in place and are working closely through school improvement teams to establish goals and steps for intervention and support in identified areas. We are not satisfied with our goals at every grade level but we know the district overall is working hard to help each child grow and succeed and continuously improve.

Notes from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI)

  • Mathematics standards and assessments were new with the 2018-2019 school year.

  • In August 2019, the NCSBE adopted new Academic Achievement Levels and Descriptors for EOG and EOC mathematics tests. In previous years, the test has been reported with five Academic Achievement Levels: however, effective August 2019, Achievement Levels are reported as follows: Level 5 denotes comprehensive understanding; Level 4 denotes a thorough understanding; Level 3 denotes sufficient understanding; Not Proficient denotes inconsistent understanding of grade level content standards.

    Tharrington Primary School does not have state accountability data due to K-2 grade levels, but is combined with Jones Intermediate School with state reporting.