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Traffic Patterns

In order to keep students safe and make student drop-off/pick-up as efficient as possible, the following traffic patterns will be followed at each campus. These patterns were developed using observations over the past years, recommendations from law enforcement as well as parent, staff, and administrator input.
BHT Traffic Pattern
For arrival: Car riders enter BHT from the Culbert Street side of the school. Cars will enter the lower driveway on Culbert Street where a police officer should be directing traffic. Cars will pull all the way to the end of the curb, next to the door, where a BHT staff member will greet students.  
For dismissal: Car riders are assigned a dismissal time.  Some students will be dismissed from the side car line (lower driveway on Culbert Street) and some students will be dismissed from the front of the school (this car line begins at Tharrington Park entrance and travels up Spring Street, entering the bus lane at the lower end).  Drivers will turn into the gravel lot and loop up to the paved lot to pick up students from Culbert Street. Staff members will call students and help them get into vehicles. 
Jones Traffic Pattern

For arrival: Cars will pull in the main entrance and stop once they have reached the end of the curb, allowing up to 6 cars to unload at once. Cars are not allowed to use the bus lot for drop-off during arrival. 


jones traffic pattern


For dismissal: Cars should display their student’s placard on the dash of the vehicle.

jones dismissal

UPDATE 9-2-22 3rd Grade Families: Cars will pull into the bus entrance and pull up to the marker on the sidewalk. Please do not go beyond this marker as cars will need to use the paved path alongside the grassy island to turn around and exit the parking lot. Three cars will load at once. Only bus traffic should flow under the canopy. (3rd Grade students who have siblings in 4th or 5th Grade, should follow the 4th & 5th Grade Plan outlined below).

4th and 5th Grade Families: Students will stand on numbers along the walkway as their vehicles approach. Cars should pull to the end of the curb or directly behind the car in front of them. This allows for 6 cars to load at once. To keep students safe: At no time should parents/caregivers park and walk to meet their child. All vehicles will pull into the main entrance, turn right and follow the gravel path that leads back to the main walkway. This will prevent traffic back up on Riverside Drive. All students will be dismissed at 3:00 p.m. 

ALL: To help with afternoon traffic, please avoid turning left into our school entrances. Right turns off of Riverside Drive into the driveways of the school are preferred.

MAMS Traffic Pattern

For arrival: Students will be dropped off directly in front of the main entrance in a single file line in the mornings. Parents are asked to pull up to the white line.


For dismissal: In the afternoons, car riders will be picked up directly in front of the main entrance in a double line. Parents, again, are asked to pull up to the white line. School employees will be assisting students and parents at drop off and pick up.


mams line

MAHS Traffic Pattern
  • MAHS students are to be dropped off and picked up on the sidewalk that is on the school side of South Street. The traffic circle will be blocked prior to the start of school. 
  • Buses will drop students off in front of the Commons Area where students will enter the building.
  • Student drivers will enter from the bottom gate prior to 8:30. The bottom gate will be closed from 8:30 until 3:30. The top gate will be open during these school hours. 
traffic patter