Welcome to the Learning page! Our mission is to provide support to our teachers and staff that will assist them in creating an effective learning environment for our students.

Meet the Team

Phillip Brown
Penny Willard
Executive Director of Innovation and
Federal Programs Beginning Teachers Coordinator
Scott Dollyhite
Exceptional Children and Student Services Director
AIG Coordinator

Olivia Sikes
Executive Director of Academics
Career & Technical Education
Maggie Mitchell
Mount Airy High School 
Assistant Principal 
Krystal Tyndall
Coordinator for Academic and Support Programs
Multi-Lingual Learners
Career Development
Catherine Dollyhite
Micro-School Facilitator and Teacher Cadet
Eve Trotter
Tharrington Primary 
Curriculum Facilitator
 Polly Long
Workforce Initiatives Coordinator- NextGen
Brittany Branch
Digital Learning Coach
Spark Lab
Barry Hill
Jones Intermediate
Curriculum Facilitator
Tarona Hollingsworth
Early Literacy Specialist
Melanie Sparks
Assistant Principal
Mount Airy Middle School
Kini Brindle
Social-Emotional Learning and Compliance Coordinator
Kevin Joyce
Coordinator for Learning Enhancement and Global Partnerships