Successful Spelling Bee Season

JJ Jones Intermediate School sent seven students to compete against middle schoolers at the district-wide spelling bee. Third graders Halen Turner and Bates Currin, fourth-graders Summer Carpenter and Jack Moore along with fifth graders Ellie Payne, Cassandra Ramirez, and Adriana Ortiz-Contreras finished at the top of their grade level bees.

Mount Airy Middle School had six students finish in the top two of their grade level bees to move on to the district-wide bee. Sixth graders Alejandro Bobadilla and Sabrina Brown, seventh-graders Luca Livengood and Tommy Simmons with eighth-graders Guadalupe Rubio and Isabella Willard earning their way to the next level.

While school and district bees are normally held in front of a packed audience, COVID-19 provided guidelines that limited the number of people who could watch in person. Students and parents were able to enjoy the competitions via an online platform. The lack of audience members was surely a relief to students as spelling in front of parents and peers can be a stressful event. Students did a great job managing social distancing and mask usage during the bee. For judges to do their job well, they needed to be able to see the mouths of the spellers. Thanks to special microphones that picked up audio from a good distance, students were able to remain safe and pull their masks down for judges to see and hear them spell.

The district bee was a sight to see as fourth-graders and a sixth grade took the titles. Fourth-grader Jack Moore won the bee with fourth-grader Summer Carpenter and sixth-grader Alejandro Bobadilla ending as runners-up.


3rd Grade                             4th Grade                            5th Grade

Kohen Taylor                        Jack Moore-Runner up     Max Fernandez

Tanner Goad                        Salem Cassell                      Autumn Ayers

Lenzi Cagle                          Camron Smeltzer                 Makenzie Wall

Halen Turner -Winner         Skye Lipot                             Ana Valverde

Ellie Bohart                           Summer Carpenter-WinnerKylie Venable

Maizey Goins                        Chase Kniskern                   Titus Summers

Makenzie Boyd                    Colin Stewart                        Cassandra Ramirez – Runner up

Chapel Overby                     Brent Wright                          Alanna Swartz

Bates Currin-Runnerup      JD Bohart                              Adriana Ortiz-Contreras-Runner up

Parker Brown                       Salem Fulk                            Nathan Haynes

Dan Le                                                                                   Kaidence Wood

Hasanah McCall                                                                  Ellie Payne-Winner

Summer Hawks                  

Blake Barefoot


Sixth                Jaylex Gates   

Sixth                Gracie O'Nan 

Sixth                Alejandro Bobadilla    Winner

Sixth                Lillie Goins     

Sixth                Kaebyn Avara 

Sixth                Katie Draughn

Sixth                Sabrina Brown            Runner-Up

Sixth                Rebekah Freeman     

Sixth                Nevan Owens

Seventh                       Emma Rudisill

Seventh                       Joana Villanueva        

Seventh                       Taylor McCormack     

Seventh                       Tommy Simmons       Runner-Up

Seventh                       Abraham Rivera         

Seventh                       Garrett Willard          

Seventh                       Nate Fulk        

Seventh                       Luca Livengood           Winner

Seventh                       Ryan Easter    

Seventh                       Elijah Lambert

Eighth              Jackson Hodge

Eighth              Christopher Semones

Eighth              Angel Ortiz     

Eighth              Isabella Willard           Runner-Up

Eighth              Chase Moore  

Eighth              Dyson Long    

Eighth              Savannah Wooten     

Eighth              Fletcher Gallimore     

Eighth              John Martin   

Eighth              Shockley Hiatt

Eighth              Guadalupe Rubio        Winner

Eighth              Kieran Slate   

Eighth              Lucas Goins    

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