Math Department Receives Superintendent Award

What is the best way to start your spring break? Winning a major award! This is exactly how Mount Airy High School’s Math Department kicked off their spring break. On Friday morning, the student body gathered in the auditorium for a production sponsored by the Surry Arts Council. Just when the lights were dimmed and Principal Jason Dorsett was about to introduce the show, he changed course and made a surprise announcement that Superintendent Dr. Kim Morrison was present and had special news to share. 

Following the applause, Dr. Morrison greeted the crowd and shared, “For the first time in history, we have not lied to get all recipients to a location to receive this award.”

She then called Bryan Hayes, Kelly Holder, Courtney Howlett, and Cody Spicer to come forward and stand on stage. This drew great applause and excitement from the crowd which immediately turned to “awww”s as family members of each recipient appeared from behind the curtain.

Morrison noted, “We invited special guests to help give you your award,” She then went on to explain why this year’s recipients had been selected, “Teaching high school mathematics is not for the faint of heart. In a subject that frightens many students and adults, these teachers take difficult content and teach it in ways where students are able to learn it and learn it well. We’ve closed the gap in mathematics over the last six years which has led us to being in the top 5% of all high schools for mathematics in recent years and two years ago the top in the district in Math 1 and Math 3.”

She then shared more about the individual teachers and the extra effort, time, and energy they each put into their craft of teaching along with the numerous extracurricular activities in which they participated and led. She closed the recognition by saying, “These individuals are a true team. They show up for one another, their students, and Mount Airy High School.”

Reflecting on the award given annually, Dr. Morrison added, “We applaud educators every day for going above and beyond for children.  The mathematics department at MAHS represents what is right about educators in our public schools and shines a light on the immense amount of energy and effort needed to grow students.  Thanks to all educators and especially this department as they receive this year's Superintendent Award!”