Public Statement 7-10-23

            The Mount Airy City Schools Board of Education disavows and disapproves of Mr. Randy Moore’s recent social media posts.

            As a Board, we want to remind the school community one member does not act on behalf of the whole. Our legal duty is to take action together, as a Board. Hopefully, this brings some measure of reassurance to members of our community who are concerned that one member’s biases might impact school district policies and procedures. This is simply not the case.

            As a Board, we are committed to creating safe, orderly, caring, and inviting schools – from the boardroom to the classroom, and everywhere in between. We acknowledge the dignity and worth of all students and employees, and we find all forms of discrimination and harassment reprehensible.

            As elected officials who serve a public body we encourage free expression of opinion among our members, but we ask for civility and integrity in all public discourse. Board members must model the behavior we expect of students and employees. We believe as a Board that Member Randy Moore fell short of clearly-articulated expectations for members of the Mount Airy City Schools Board of Education, which is why we took the extraordinary step of a public censure.