Mount Airy High School Career and Technical Education Building Renovation

This building on the Mount Airy High School campus prepares students for the workforce in areas such as engineering, carpentry, cabinetry, graphic design, and family consumer science. The high school also has health science, agriculture, esports programs, and many other workforce development programs throughout the campus. A large percentage of our students participate in CTE courses and hold some of the top assessment rates in the state for workforce readiness.

The building was built in 1969 and was one of the last buildings on the campus to be renovated. The project has created ADA compliance with an elevator and ADA restrooms and provides workforce development labs that create classroom and lab space connections. The new HVAC systems, doors, replaced canopy walkway, and removal of outside steps create a more usable and student-friendly building.

We are excited and thankful for this project and hope the new CTE building will serve generations of students and prepare them for the workplace of tomorrow with hands-on equipment, simulators, and expert teachers.