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Calendar Flexibility Survey

Attention MACS Community: The North Carolina General Assembly is examining how limitations on school calendar flexibility have affected school districts, school operations, and students during the past 10 years. Current state law (G.S. ยง 115C-84.2(d)) requires that the opening day of school for students may not be earlier than the Monday closest to August 26th and closing day of school for students may not be later than the Friday closest to June 11th.

Please consider how these limitations impact school in Mount Airy City Schools and your family. Some concerns we have heard over the years include:

-Strict start and end dates
-First semester ending in January
-Inability to line up with Surry Community College's calendar for students taking HS courses and SCC courses
-Impact of snow days on spring semester
-Inability to take family vacations, except for summer months
-Summer reading loss for students

Allowing school districts the ability to set their own academic calendar based on the needs and concerns of their community will allow districts to address these issues.

We encourage everyone to share their concerns and take this unique opportunity to let your voice be heard. Please complete this survey no later than 5:00pm on Sunday, September 25, 2016.