November 2016 Superintendent Message

As we enter the season of Thanksgiving, we are reminded to reflect on all that we are grateful for and everyone we can celebrate in our lives. Practicing gratitude makes a big difference in our outlook on life. In Mount Airy City Schools we are grateful every day for all the blessings of a wonderful school district and an outstanding community. We have the most wonderful students and families and are blessed to have the best teachers and administrators in the nation. Our schools come together as a family and work together to grow every child every day. I encourage you to join in during the month of November and think about what you are grateful for each and every day. 
Our Community Night was such a huge success. I would like to publicly thank everyone for pitching in and celebrating what is right with our school district. Carrie Venable deserves a “shout out” for all of her work in organizing this celebratory event. The student presentations showed everything from outstanding language abilities, leadership skills to musical abilities illustrating that our students are creative and hard working. The booths were great and displayed all of the innovations we offer highlighting our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics focus. Thanks to all of our sponsors that really allow us to do what we do for children. The Slime Station inspired by our Richard Childress Racing and Dow Chemicals partnership was a big hit and a lot of fun. 
Have a great November and enjoy the cooler weather. We are excited that we have had two, full productive months of school. We are looking forward to what the future holds for each of us as we grow and learn together every day. We will enjoy celebrating what we are grateful for all month long.
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