January 2017 Superintendent Message

The Year 2017 is upon us and gives us the perfect time to reflect on the year behind and look forward to the year ahead. I always set a professional goal, financial goal, personal goal, and spiritual goal. It allows me to bring focus and energy around what I believe I can accomplish in the New Year. This is also the time Mount Airy City Schools will launch a strategic plan for students.   There was a lot of moonshot thinking involved and many goals we hope to accomplish. Some of them include:

  • Helping each student travel outside of our state and/or country before graduation
  • Introducing student voice to be a strong part of education by allowing students to participate in an advisory group and give ongoing feedback on their education
  • Expanding student and teacher internships and leadership opportunities in careers here in Surry County
  • Helping students take more college courses in high school
  • Building entrepreneurs incubators for students to begin their own businesses
  • Celebrating and supporting our staff in new and innovative ways
  • Developing wellness support for our students and staff
  • Creating globally connected classrooms using virtual reality, language, and connections with other countries
  • Strengthening our partnerships with businesses and families and hearing from them how to grow our connections
  • Creating a creative calendar that better meets the needs of students and staff

Thanks to your input and moonshot thinking we will have an exciting 2017. Happy New Year to you and your family. We will always partner with you to
LEAD- INNOVATE- and SERVE providing a great education for all of our students.

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