April 2017 Superintendent Message

Spring is the perfect time of year for renewal and reawakening.  We are leaving winter weather behind, which this first-time superintendent is thankful for, and beginning to think spring.  It is now when we start to see new life spring out of the old, dry ground.  We begin to plant gardens, bushes, and re-imagine old spaces becoming new.  This is also a great time to re-invigorate our students and help them realize they must finish the year strong.

Our district is working hard to help all students be successful this year and be prepared for the challenges of the next grade level.  Sometimes with warmer days and spring fever students lose motivation and they begin dreaming of school-free days.  Here are a few tips to help your child stay focused and empowered:

Get outside and talk about what they are learning in school.  Weekends and spring break are ideal times to weave educational opportunities into your outings; a trip to the zoo, a visit to a college nearby, or a trip to see an industry near your vacation spot.

Allow students to experiment and conduct hands-on learning at home for fun.  If they are interested in programming, there are lots of free tools to help them.  If they like to create art, help them explore this at home.  Almost everything has a fun, free resource for your child.

Set some goals with your students.  If they have a grade in a subject that needs to be improved, create some specific strategies for improvement such as making sure their work is turned in or finding additional resources to help them master the topic.

Helping your child stay organized is critical.  Encourage them to keep all of their work together and look over their Schoology assignments. You can check their progress out in Power School or Schoology.

Help students remember what they have done all year and how hard they have worked.  Remind them that the end of the school year they will be able to see what great progress they have made this year.

Encourage students to give it their all and reward them for a job well-done.

As we close out the school year, Twitter is a great way to keep up with Mount Airy City Schools (@MACSchools) and all of the upcoming events.  Follow me, @kkimor for an inside look at school visits, athletic events, performances, and the tremendous work going on in our district.

We continue to feel blessed that you share your children with us and we hope that we are serving you well.  Feel free to stop by anytime, drop an email, or give us a call to let us know how we can better serve you and your family.

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