June 2017 Superintendent Message

The 2016-2017 school year is coming to a close with so many wonderful events happening in Mount Airy City Schools. Innovation Day to Graduation Day featured our students performing at their best and tackling learning through new and innovative ways. We are getting ready to send 133 graduates (some graduating early) out into the world. Our hopes and dreams for them are that we have built a love of learning in them that will last a lifetime. We want them to find their unique gifts and talents and match that with their careers. We want them to be fulfilled and prepared for the global world in which we now live where they can be anything they choose to be. And we want them to know that they always have our love and support.

The 2017-2018 school year is just around the corner. We want to help all of our students have a fun, relaxing summer, and keep learning in new and different ways. Our academic summer loss is a real problem where students slide back over the summer with information and skills they gained throughout the year. So, this summer in combination with all of the trips to the beach and water parks along with the sports, arts, and academic camps, keep the following ideas in mind to help with summer slide: 

  • Research shows that reading just six books during the summer helps reduce summer reading loss
  • Set learning goals for the summer in reading and math; For example, set a goal to visit the library once a week to find material interesting to your child.
  • Let your child earn money over the summer and save up for a financial goal.
  • Make learning fun by visiting sights nearby and discover the history in your own community.
  • Plant a garden, cook with your kids, or set physical fitness goals and exercise together.

We believe keeping students engaged and empowered over the summer really makes a difference in cutting down on summer academic slide. Don’t forget to have a great time together this summer and we will see you soon!