July 2017 Superintendent Message

Mount Airy City Schools is the place to be throughout the year, whether it's summertime or during the school year. Many of our students are taking part in our academic summer camps like Camp Invention, Lemonade Smiles, Passport to Understanding, Minecraft Camp, or one of our many athletic camps. Our School Nutrition Department is serving 1,100 meals each day to students in our community. Our maintenance and custodial crews are preparing our buildings for the fall and administrators are working hard to provide quality professional development for our educators. We are happy to serve the community of Mount Airy throughout the year.

Looking ahead to the 2017-2018 school year is so exhilarating. The community Strategic Plan that we built last year outlines some exciting ventures for this year. Our hope is that every child is able to travel outside of the state and/or country by the time they graduate. To accomplish this we are planning on offering a fifth grade trip in the state, an eighth grade trip out of the state, and a Junior trip out of the state or country. Talk with your student's administrator about this opportunity.

We are planning on implementing Innovative Classrooms beginning at Mount Airy High School. The old model of classes with straight rows and teachers lecturing to students is transforming into problem-solving classrooms with cutting edge technology. Our goal is for students to drive their own learning and teachers help facilitate the process. The desks will give way to new learning environment furniture with movable spaces. The Innovative Classroom will be brightly colored with eye-catching murals to facilitate new learning experiences for students.

Service learning is one of the most powerful ways students can give back to their community and develop an attitude of gratitude. Our strategic plan will provide experiences for your student to participate in service learning. Any child that gathers 50 hours of service this year will be recognized and participate in a summer giveaway sponsored by our business partners.

There are so many new opportunities coming up for your student, from participating in a new Richard Childress Racing grant program to traveling to China. Feel free to look over our strategic plan or give me a call to discuss. You can locate our full strategic plan on our website or by clicking here

I’m excited that summer is here and there is an opportunity for everyone to participate in summer fun. The 2017-2018 school year will be here before you know it. We have a lot of great adventures on the horizon!

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