October 2017 Superintendent Message

We have entered the fall season and October has arrived. Staff and students are full STEAM ahead into another successful school year. There are lots of activities coming your way this month. This week, on Thursday, October 12th, we have an early release day and on Friday, October 13th we have a workday in preparation for Autumn Leaves Festival. Your students will be participating in Innovation Day on Thursday. This was a great success last year as many of community partners visited our schools. Last year we had a blacksmith, NASCAR pit crew, and veterinarian just to name a few. This day is a day that gives students the chance to choose what they learn about and how they learn it. We hope the excitement from this day carries throughout the school year. Saturday, October 14th is when one of our most fun events occurs, the 5K on the Greenway. This is our third year co-hosting this race with Mount Airy Parks and Recreation. You can be a member of your school’s team by walking or running in the event. We would love to have you participate or simply come out to support the team.

While we are in full gear with this school year there is much uncertainty in our world and our children are facing things we never had to face as children. The most deadly violent attack on US soil happened last week in Las Vegas and resulted in 58 civilian deaths. All around us are acts of violence, domestic violence, hurricanes, floods, and other disasters. Many children find themselves struggling with questions about these and other events. Our school district has created a task force over the last year to help support students social/emotional well being. We are thankful for many initiatives that have come out of this effort. We have created ways to report bullying but we have also created ways to report kindness. Thanks to the efforts of Cary and Roxanne Cann we have a kindness revolution occurring in our city. Take the time to talk with your children and help them do something positive in response to all of the negative in our world. Only the next generation showing love and acceptance of one another will change the environment. This is a cause we can all rally around and we want to make sure our children have an avenue to talk and react positively to negativity. Even though our world is uncertain you can be certain that your child has a safe place they can come each day in our schools where they are loved and cared for. See your principal if you want to become more involved in our social and emotional task force or the kindness movement.

I always look forward to spending time in schools with your students. They bring me so much joy and always make my week better. This week was busy for me with presentations in Minnesota, Superintendent meetings in Raleigh, and a discussion with the State School Superintendent. But, my best days are when I see the excitement of all the teaching and learning that is occurring in classrooms right here in Mount Airy City Schools and that is how I plan to spend my week. I hope you have a great October and always feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

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