December 2017 Superintendent Message

Mount Airy City Schools is a district of academic excellence. We are student-centered and believe that every child deserves the right to succeed. As the holiday season is upon us, here are some tips to help students be successful at the end of the first half of the school year. Resilience and effort can overcome many challenges. Resilience is one of the top reasons highly successful people believe they were able to overcome obstacles in life.
Here are some tips, as you go into this very busy season, to help your students keep their focus and end the semester strong.
#1 Praise effort- Help your child understand that effort is as important as achievement. When your child tries something over and over, praise their effort and help them be motivated to finish the task.
#2 Set goals- Setting goals is one of the most important life lessons a child can learn from their parents. Give them a short-term goal and help them work hard to achieve it. When they achieve their goal celebrate all of the work and effort it took for them to get there.
#3 Give options- Many students don’t understand they have several ways to solve a problem. If a child’s grade is lower than acceptable, brainstorm all of the ways they can improve their grade. For example, they may want to talk to their teacher about missed assignments, study extra hard for the upcoming test, or seek the help of a tutor. When students see they have options for success this grows their problem-solving skills.
#4 Keep things in perspective- Failure is inevitable in life. Many times we see failure as defeat instead of F-first A-attempt I-in L-learning. When a child fails at something help them recall a time that they failed at something and later succeeded, such as riding a bike. They need to understand that the failure is as important as the success because it led to getting better and improving.
#5 Make connections- Children need to make connections with family, friends, mentors, and others. They need to understand empathy and friendship. These connections will help them have a network of support when things don’t always go as planned.
Mount Airy City Schools strives to live out our vision statement through resilience and effort: All Mount Airy City Schools students will think critically, innovatively solve problems, and be responsible citizens and confident leaders with a passion for learning.
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