Welcome Homeschoolers!

Mount Airy City Schools respects the decision of families to homeschool their children and seeks to be a resource as families travel the roads of their educational journey. We welcome homeschoolers to participate in a variety of classes and unique opportunities offered on our campuses. Mount Airy City Schools consists of four schools that provide individualized, rigorous instruction for all students. We believe that a strong homeschool to public school partnership positively impacts all stakeholders. 

If you are interested in learning more about the vast offerings found in Mount Airy City Schools or in developing a strong partnership with Mount Airy City Schools, please contact the office at 336-786-8355.
Please click here to read Mount Airy City Schools' perspective on homeschoolers.
Below you will find more information about our schools. 
Tharrington Primary School serves pre-kindergarten students through second graders.
Jones Intermediate School serves third through fifth-grade students.
Mount Airy Middle School serves sixth through eighth-grade students.
Mount Airy High School serves ninth through twelveth-grade students.

Opportunities for Homeschoolers in Mount Airy City Schools

These are just a few opportunities available on our campuses. For more information and to have a conversation about your child's learning, please contact the Community Central Office.
We would love to speak with you about how we can individualize this partnership for your child and family. Feel free to contact us to ask questions or schedule a time to meet. 
  Dr Phillip Brown  Ms Penny Willard
Dr. Phillip Brown
Ms. Penny Willard
Executive Director of Innovation
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Phone: 336-786-8355 Phone: 336-786-8355
-Michelle McKinney, Parent of three students
-Porshia Hairston, Parent of one student