Central Office

Meet the Central Office Staff


Donnie Beamon
Sherri Billos
Brittany Branch
Kini Brindle
Dr. Phillip Brown
Antonia Cawley - School Social Worker
Shannon Collins
Bryan Cox
Bryan Cox - Maintenance Coordinator
Catherine Dollyhite - Micro School Facilitator
Scott Dollyhite
Scott Dollyhite - Director of Exceptional Children and Student Services
Jon Doss
Jon Doss - Transportation Coordinator
Dr. Sandy George
Dr. Sandy George - Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
Kimberly Heck
Kimberly Heck - PowerSchool Coordinator and Testing Coordinator 
Shanda Holt
Shanda Holt - Accounts Payable/Employee Benefits
Latasha Hudson
Latasha Hudson - Smart Bus Specialist
Kevin Joyce - Learning Enhancement and Global Partnerships Coordinator
Polly Long
Polly Long - Workforce Initiative Coordinator
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin - School Nutrition Administrative Assistant
Andy Mehaffey - Finance Director
Dr. Kim Morrison Dr. Kim Morrison - Superintendent 
Becky Parries Becky Parries - Executive Assistant to the Board of Education and Superintendent
Lahyla Lahyla Pilson - Administrative Assistant
Christina Rakes Christina Rakes - Technology Technician
Justin Robertson Justin Robertson - Technology Director 
Nora Nora Santillan - Assistant Director of Innovative Programming and World Language
Amy Sawyers Amy Sawyers - Finance Payroll
Olivia Sikes Olivia Sikes - Director of Accountability and Career and Technical Education
Kevin Taylor Kevin Taylor - Maintenance Technician
Jay Temple Jay Temple 
Carrie Venable Carrie Venable - Executive Officer of Communications
Celena Watson Celena Watson - Director of School Nutrition
Penny Willard Penny Willard - Director of Innovative Programming