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Read to Achieve

Read to Achieve 

This law is part of the Excellent Schools Act passed into North Carolina law in July 2012 and is to take effect during the 2013-2014 school year.  NC State law now requires any third grade student who is not reading at grade level (proficient) on the end-of-grade exams to receive intense reading interventions.

The 7 Components of Read to Achieve

1. Developmental Screening in Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA)

2. Elimination of Social Promotion

3. Successful Reading Development for Retained Students

4. Parent/Guardian Notification

5. Accountability Measures

6. Comprehensive Reading Plan 

7. Facilitating Early Grade Reading Proficiency

Our administration and teachers will work closely with parents and students to ensure that students are having success in literacy development.  An ongoing dialogue between the school and families will provide a framework and resources for literacy success.  Students will be supported as they read to achieve academic success this school year.