STEAM at Jones

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.  At Jones, we strive to incorporate each of those themes into our weekly STEAM enrichment class.  Here is what’s happening this year in STEAM…

In fifth grade, students will...

  • Understand force, motion and the relationship between them.
  • Understand the interactions of matter and energy and the changes that occur
  • Explain how the properties of some materials change as a result of heating and cooling.
  • Understand weather patterns and phenomena, making connections to the weather in a particular place and time.
  • Understand how structures and systems of organisms perform functions necessary for life.
  • Understand the interdependence of plants and animals with their ecosystem.
  • Understand why organisms differ from or are similar to their parents based on the characteristics of the organism.

In fourth grade, students will…

  • Explain how various forces affect the motion of an object.
  • Understand the composition and properties of matter before and after they undergo a change or interaction.
  • Recognize that energy takes various forms that may be grouped based on their interaction with matter.
  • Explain the causes of day and night and phases of the moon.
  • Understand the use of fossils and changes in the surface of the earth as evidence of the history of the Earth and its changing life forms.
  • Understand the effects of environmental changes, adaptations, and behaviors that enable animals to survive in changing habitats.
  • Understand food and the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and exercise.


In third grade, students will…

  • Understand motion and factors that affect motion.
  • Understand the structure and properties of matter before and after they undergo a change.
  • Recognize how energy can be transferred from one object to another.
  • Recognize the major components and patterns observed in the earth/moon/sun system.
  • Compare the structures of the Earth’s surface using models or three-dimensional diagrams.
  • Understand human body systems and how they are essential for life: protection, movement and support.
  • Understand how plants survive in their environments.

Students use various technology…

  • Chromebooks and iPads
  • LEGO WeDo kits
  • Ozobot Dash Robots
  • Sphero Robots
  • 3-D Printers
  • Green Screen Technology

Students develop engineering skills using…

  • LEGOs
  • KEVA Planks
  • K’nex
  • Magna-Tiles

Each week in STEAM we incorporate elements of the arts and mathematics as students engage in innovative activities and projects! Jones is ready for a fun-filled, full STEAM ahead learning adventure this year!!

Classroom Donation List:
         Everyday Supplies
Notebook paper
Clorox Wipes
Tape - scotch, masking, and duct
boxes, cardboard, toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles