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STEAM at Jones

All grade levels have started their units which align with the science content they are learning in their classrooms.
The STEAM classes will need materials for projects which could be everyday recyclables or other low cost materials as listed on this webpage.  If you are willing to donate to class projects it will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you for your support!!!  Jones students are ready for a fun-filled full STEAM ahead learning adventure! 
3rd Grade
Students first unit will focus on Earth Systems, Structures and process.  Students will work in groups to research landforms by using a webquest to conduct research, filling out a graphic organizer, creating a poster presentation with facts, creating a 3-D model with clay, and then discuss engineering as they decide on how to build a roadway to successfully be incorporated in their 3-D landform model.  
4th Grade
Students first unit will focus on Matter: Properties and Change by exploring rocks, minerals, and fossils then creating prints to represent fossils.
5th Grade
Students first unit will focus on Structures and Functions of Living Organisms. Students worked in groups to extract DNA from a strawberry.  Slides were created and students were able to view/observe various single/multi cell slides under the microscope.  As students continue to learn about the human body in their science classes, they will read various articles and make a fake lung.  Students will explore the field of biomedical engineering as they create a face mask filter to ensure the fake lungs work properly.

Classroom Donation List:
         Everyday Supplies
Notebook paper
Clorox Wipes
Tape - scotch, masking, and duct
boxes, cardboard, toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles
       Grade Level Project                         Materials
3rd - 26 ounce containers of salt
5lb packages of all purpose flour
one package of small paper plates
4th - toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, wrapping paper rolls
3 boxes of all purpose plaster of paris (for arts, crafts, hobbies)
5th - 20 ounce gatorade bottles with cap, remove label
Clear 2-Liter soda bottle with cap, remove label