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STARS and Innovators

Innovators of the Month

This award will be given out monthly to celebrate employees who strive to innovate and problem-solve in their role. Check out this month's Innovators as well as staff who have been recognized for the 2017-2018 school year.
  Tharrington Primary Jones Intermediate Mount Airy Middle  Mount Airy High  Central Office
August Denise Ward Amanda Robertson Suzanne Bumgardner Bryan Cox, Donnie Beamon, and Kevin Taylor Phillip Brown and Penny Willard
September Susan Bond Carrie Taylor Marie Hauser Sarah Knott Emily Niston, Sherry Cox, Olivia Byerly, and Sandy George
October Elizabeth Dawson, Melissa Simmons, and Jessie Jessup  Cindy Wilson Amanda Sechrist Garrett Howlett Justin Robertson
November Beth Welch Lauren Murphy  Xiaowen Zhang Sarah Knott, Gena Ray, Courtney Howlett, Melissa Ogle, Kim Lyons, and Conni Tucker Becky Parries 
December Sarah Inman Adam Johnson Vivian France Conni Tucker, Jennifer Jones, and Shelli Owens Jason Dorsett
January Andrea Creech, Jill Holder, Rebekah Mosteller, Nicole Hooker, and Beth Martin Kristina Swift Tarona Hollingsworth Kevin Joyce and Polly Long Larry Davis and Penny Willard
February Cindy Stanley  Adrienne Murchland Sara George Livia Livengood Sabrina Moore
March Candice Martin April Worrell Jennifer Epperson Bryan Hayes and Conni Tucker Jesse Hiatt
April Tracey Johnson Jon Doss Jennifer Riska Katlin Jones Chase Weathers

Mount Airy City Schools is full of STARS!

Successful, Thoughtful, Academically Resourceful, Students