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Becoming a Board of Education Member

Becoming a school board member in North Carolina is a high calling for those interested in public service. No greater service can one offer than to help set the course and direction of educating the future leaders of our society. Thus, the duties and responsibilities of being a board member cannot be taken lightly. Please see the attachment below to guide you in your decision-making process. 
An individual seeking candidacy must be a qualified voter of at least 21 years old and must reside within the district. To check that you reside in the correct # voting precinct (ie: #1,  #2 or #3, etc,) please visit the Surry County GIS website and follow the directions below. There are also picture directions attached.
  1. Type your address in the "Search by address" field
  2. Click the "layers" tab
  3. Check the "voting districts" checkbox
  4. Check to see if "Mt. Airy #” or “Mt. Airy #” is listed with your location