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AIG » Federal & North Carolina State Laws & Standards Regarding Gifted Education

Federal & North Carolina State Laws & Standards Regarding Gifted Education


                  Federal Implications

The federal government recognizes there are students in our classrooms who exhibit extraordinary skills in all areas.  No Child Left Behind gave the individual states the option to determine how to best meet the needs of the gifted children. Therefore, there is NOT a federal mandate with regards to gifted education. You can learn more about the National Association for Gifted Children online.
                                              North Carolina Policy

The State of North Carolina has implemented policy regarding gifted education. This is found in article 9B, 115C-150.5 , in essence state our state  mandates schools serve our gifted population and has provided for six different standards and practices which should be implemented in each of the LEA's.  These include the following:
1. Student Identification
2. Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction
3. Personel and Professional Development
4, Comprehensive Program within a Whole School Community
5. Partnerships
6. Program Accountability.

Additional information regarding the state policy can be found in theNorth Carolina Public Schools Documents. These include both the standards and practices for each standard.