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Mount Airy City Schools AIG Policy

Mount Airy City Schools Policy

Local policy states we will evaluate students in kindergarten through 3rd grade on an informal basis, then following the completion of the CogAT test students will be evaluated for the gifted program. The CogAT is given to all students in the Spring of their 2nd grade year. CogAT score reports are sent home prior to the end of the school year. This qualitative data (CogAT) is then added to each child's comprehensive student profile, which ensures that our district is making sure to assess the whole child, not just a test score. 

Students can be recommended based on Renzulli inventory and math entrance exams.

At any point in time a parent, or student may submit a name for recommendation in the gifted program.

Local policy states that as we work to bring our AIG demographics more representative of our actual demographics, we will see every student as gifted and strive to grow each student's giftedness.

*Note, once a student is identified as gifted, they are to remain in the program. We do not "un-gift" students.