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Mount Airy City Schools employs a research-based multi-tiered support system in every classroom for every child, every day.  This approach integrates academic and behavioral instruction practices that support the development of the whole child. 
infographic about how Multi-tier System of Supports works
Underpinning this model, are specific core instructional practices in which we believe.  The most prevalent is a strong focus on the design process through Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL), which requires students to use design, inquiry and creativity.  There are two types of IBL, Problem and Project-Based Learning (PBL). Many of our Mount Airy City Schools teachers have been fully trained to facilitate learning in the inquiry-based learning environment. These instructional practices take problem solving to a deeper level because students become problem identifiers, as well as problem solvers. 
The 5 Standards to Support Inquiry-based Learning include the following: 
  1. Thinking skills 
  2. Depth of Knowledge 
  3. Connectedness to the World Beyond the Classroom 
  4. Substantive Conversation
  5. Social Support for Student Achievement 
When our teachers design learning experiences that include these 5 standards they are ensuring that our students engage and learn at a deeper level. These standards and the IBL framework can occur in any content area and any grade level.