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Mount Airy City Schools believes in the value of enrichment for every child. Enrichment comes in many forms throughout the classroom, after-school and summer learning environments. Through enrichment experiences our students are provided with innovative learning experiences that allow them to stretch their minds, think critically, develop new skills through partnerships, engage in problem solving, discover their passions for learning and life, as well as discovering their personal strengths. Enrichment also empowers our students to facilitate their personal learning journeys through student-centered learning experiences. MACS prioritizes enrichment by consistently seeking new partnerships that will support innovation and help us to grow every child to meet their personal goals. 

What does enrichment look like in MACS classrooms? 
Through differentiation, our teachers are designing lessons to support every child. This includes enrichment experiences, which should be used to meet every child at their point of need. MACS also takes pride in its ability to utilize both problem and project-based learning (PBL) as a platform for learning in many content areas. Through PBLs our students are engaged in real-world scenarios that extend content learning, allowing students to make concrete learning connections. 
Each school also offers multiple enrichment experiences through our innovative programming. 
BH Tharrington Primary School provides 
Jones Intermediate School teachers and students have access to the school's MakerSpace, which provides a variety of resources for enrichment and innovation. Jones teachers may embed these innovative tools into their lessons for the enhancement of learning. Some examples include, robots for coding, Legos for design and building, small tools for experimenting and building and snap circuits for critical thinking in the hands-on environment. Students have access to clubs such as Future 
Mount Airy Middle School recognizes that middle school is a time when our students begin to develop strong interests and passions. At the middle school students have access to multiple academic-based clubs for their personal enrichment experiences. The school prioritizes this by placing a special time in each school day for students to engage in enrichment experiences. 
Mount Airy High School 
What does enrichment look like in MACS after-school programs? 
What does enrichment look like in MACS summer enrichment experiences (SEE)? 


For questions regarding our Mount Airy City Schools 
Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG) services please contact: 
Penny Willard 336-786-8355
[email protected]

This page is currently being revised. Mount Airy City Schools (MACS) implemented the new AIG plan that will serve our district from 2019-2022. This plan has been approved by the MACS Board of Education in July 2019. The new plan, in its entirety can be accessed by following the links below. 
       North Carolina Policy
The State of North Carolina has implemented policy regarding gifted education. This is found in article 9B, 115C-150.5 , in essence state our state mandates schools serve our gifted population and has provided for six different standards and practices which should be implemented in each of the LEA's.  These include the following:
1. Student Identification
2. Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction
3. Personnel and Professional Development
4, Comprehensive Program within a Whole School Community
5. Partnerships
6. Program Accountability.

Additional information regarding the state policy can be found in theNorth Carolina Public Schools Documents. These include both the standards and practices for each standard.
                                    Federal Implications
The federal government recognizes there are students in our classrooms who exhibit extraordinary skills in all areas.  No Child Left Behind gave the individual states the option to determine how to best meet the needs of the gifted children. Therefore, there is NOT a federal mandate with regards to gifted education. You can learn more about the National Association for Gifted Children online.
The district AIG plans can be viewed by clicking the links to the PDF documents below. 
1) Mount Airy City Schools AIG Plan for 2019-2022 (this plan was Board of Education approved July 2019).
2) Mount Airy City Schools AIG Plan for 2016-2019